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Nokia 6150 Codes


Following a list of known but officially not publically documented codes is shown which give the user the chance to get information or change certain parameters of the NOKIA 6150.


IMEI (Serial number) - The shown number consists of 15 digits which equal to the one printed on the back of the phone. It is composed this way: 123456 78 90ABCD E

12 = Manufactorer

3456 = Phone type

78 = Assembling country

90ABCD = Serial number

E = Reserved


Softwareversion, Softwaredate, Phone type


Serial number, manufaction date, purchaise date (can only be set once), Number of repairs, User Data Transfer


EFRC (Enhanced Full Rate Codec) on and reset. Better speech quality, 5% more battery consumption


EFRC off and reset


HRC (Half Rate Codec) on and reset. worse speech quality, 30% less battery consumption


HRC off and reset


Show production serial number (new since firmware 5.22)


Check if inserted SIM supports SIM clock stop. SIM clock stop allows much longer standby.


Check if inserted SIM is restricted (SIM Lock). The Characters p w + in the code are entered by pressing the * key multiple times.


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