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Skyynet CosyCall™ - Description
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Cellular network controlled car heater

Everyone who had to scrape a windshield free of snow will likely aim to get a car heater. Once this whish is fulfilled there soon comes another whish: How to tell if it is going to snow the next day? It would also be nice if one doesn't have to know when to leave a party before entering it just to program the car heater.

There are some solutions for this. The easiest way is to buy the cellular solution of the car heater's manufacturer. Otherwise you'll end up with a € 500,- bill. An affordable solution is the Skyynet CosyCall™.


The Skyynet CosyCall™ is just placed between your car heater's control unit and its connection cable. The connection is very easy and does not force the customer to modify the car heater in any way.

Afterwars you insert a callable cellular phone card (SIM) into the Skyynet CosyCall™. This can be an empty prepaid card (e.g. o2 Loop, Vodafone CallYa, T-Mobile Xtra Card, e-plus Free & Easy). To activate your car heater you just call the phone number of the inserted SIM. The call activates your car heater for 30 minutes and warms up your car.

The Price

The Skyynet CosyCall™ is € 265,- plus package and delivery. We only use high quality parts. The case is made of blue acryle and features a massive connexion. The connection cables is based on original parts of the car heater's manufacturer. The mobile receiver is produced by SonyEricsson.

The project

Skyynet CosyCall™ was originally designed as a ready to use unit and was sold from 2004-2008. Because of time restrictions this was terminated in 2008. To ensure the energy of conception is not lost I decided to describe the building of Skyynet CosyCall™ to give you the opportunity to build your own.


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