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Eco Rating

title Eco Rating


Since only a few ratings could be found and on the Eco Rating homepage 180 rated models were mentioned, I contacted them to get these ratings and show them in the >Skyynet Mobile Phones Database In response I received a cease and desist letter to display this data.

We appreciate you letting us know about your display of Eco Rating in your webpage. However, Eco Rating is a registered trademark and all information relating to Eco Rating is intellectual property of the Eco Rating Consortium, which cannot be used without the necessary licence. Unauthorized use of the Eco Rating intellectual property constitutes an infringement of the Eco Rating Consortium’s rights. We herewith request you to delete all Eco Rating related information and material from your webpage before June 3rd, 2022 at latest, otherwise we will be forced to initiate formal legal proceedings against you. All of our rights are reserved. Best regards, Eco Rating Consortium

The whole thing doesn't seem to aim at sustainability at all, but to be just a marketing instrument of the companies involved. I have therefore removed the corresponding information.


Eco Rating evaluates the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a cell phone from production, transport and use to disposal of the devices.

Eco Rating evaluates various ecological indicators of devices (e.g. CO2 footprint and resource consumption) as well as material efficiency criteria. This evaluation results in an overall score from 1 to 100. The closer the score is to 100, the more sustainable the device is.


The Eco Rating shows how environmentally compatible a particular cell phone is. The score objectively evaluates the most important key figures on the life cycle and recyclability of a smartphone. The highest possible score for the sustainability of a cell phone is 100. The closer the score is to 100, the more sustainable the device is.


This value summarizes how robust a cell phone is, how long the battery lasts and how long the warranty of the smartphone and its components is.

This value describes how easy it is to repair the cell phone. The higher this value, the easier it is to repair the corresponding model.

How well can the components of the cell phone be recovered and disassembled? How good is the information provided by the manufacturer on this? And how well can the materials and raw materials used be recycled?

Climate efficiency
How high are the greenhouse gas emissions during the entire life cycle from production to recycling? The more points a cell phone has, the more it contributes to environmental and climate protection.

Resource efficiency
This score includes information about how much scarce raw materials are: for example, gold to make electronic components. The more points, the less of these materials are needed for the smartphone.

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