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Good webdesign targets the needs and expectations of the users. Design doesn't mean just the graphics but the graphical user interface (GUI) and thus the whole usage experience. The ideal website should have a sensible layout which presents the actual content in an appealing design. The most important question is what the target audience expects.


Programming in valid XHTML code ensures the website will be displayed correctly in every browser. Governmental sites have to be accessible by disabled users. Others should also consider this as especially disabled people have the chance to actively take part in life using the internet without being discriminated against. Should the website be used on a smartphone other technical characteristics must be considered while creating the GUI and program code.


Skyynet cellular phones database
>Skyynet Cellular Phones Database

  • Most comprehensive database of Cellular Phones in Germany
  • Handyfinder
  • Browser independent
  • Accessible for disabled
  • Mobile version optimized for iPhones


Hüs in Lee
>Hüs in Lee

  • Creation of homepage to let holiday flats
  • Design / Layout / Graphics / Programming
  • Booking form with online availability check
  • Concept of XML interface to Amrum Touristik
  • Browserindependent
  • Accessible for disabled
  • XHTML compliant


Weinkontor Teltow
Weinkontor Teltow

  • Creation of a digital business card
  • Design / Layout / Photoshooting / Programming
  • Programming of a basic Content Management Systems
  • Browser independent
  • Accessible for disabled
  • HTML compliant


Photo Peglow
Photo Peglow

  • Creation of a homepage to visually address customers
  • Application of customer's design and layout
  • Programming (DHTML, PHP, SQL)
  • Creation of an easy to extend photo database
  • Browserindependent while HTML/CSS compliant
  • HTML compliant

Recommended Links

>SelfHTML - Brilliant online manual on how to program in HTML


>SelfPHP - Good online manual on how to program in PHP


>W3C - homepage of the W3C with up to date documents about net standards and test programs for them


>NetBeans - Good free Integrated Development Engine for many systems


>DENIC - Overview of all German domains


>FreePatentsOnline - Best website for free patent searching


>DPRegister - Overview of all German trademarks at the German patent office


>Let's Encrypt! - Free SSL certificate which are accepted by modern browsers

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