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WiFi Calling

title WiFi Calling

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Placing calls by smartphone is self-evident nearly all over the world. But there are still places which lack a signal like one's own basement, the family vacation lot far off civilization or rooms with heat-protection glass. Here WiFi Calling or WLAN Calling or VoWLAN closes the gap. Calls are thereby routed via wireless networks instead of cellular networks. So at home the coverage is in one's own hands and at many public places, the coverage gets better, too.

As neither cellular carriers nor smartphones were used to place calls via WLAN as easy as via cellular networks before they have to add this feature.


On iOS one activates WiFi Calling at Preferences ▸ Phone ▸ Wi-Fi Calls.
On Android one activates WiFi Calling at Preferences ▸ Applications ▸ Phone ▸ WiFi Calling.
On Windows Phone one activates WiFi Calling at Preferences ▸ Network and Wi-Fi ▸ Mobile+SIM ▸ SIM-Settings ▸ Extended 4G-LTE-Services ▸ IMS-Registration, as far as the cellular network provider supports this. This can be identified by checking Preferences ▸ System ▸ About ▸ Phone Information ▸ IMS.


On Vodafone usage is not possible for customers with UltraCard. On Vodafone, Telekom and O2 this works for customers with MultiCard, but only on the card that is activated for VoWLAN and WiFi Calling. On O2 the user can activate this for the inserted SIM by entering the code ✱124#. At Vodafone, WiFiCalling is a payable option in many tariffs. Resellers often do not offer this in their tariffs.


Outgoing and incoming calls using WiFi Calling do always cost the same as one would place them from the contract cellular network in Germany. Thus fees for calls within the vacation country migh be higher than those using roaming.

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