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With Palm & Nokia 7110 connected to the internet

Nokia 7110


This page gives information on how to use the Nokia 7110 cellular phone together with a Palm III / IIIx / V by using an IrDA connection using PalmOS 3.5. Using PalmOS 3.3 you will see the same menus but with PalmOS 3.0 you will get very different menus. At least PalmOS 3.3 is available for free so I see no reason to discuss older versions.

>Configuring the Palm

Functions without additional software

First of all you will have to activate the Infrared menu on the Nokia 7110 (Menu 9). You will get a small flashing symbol in the upper left corner. An active connection is indicated by a solid symbol. To connect both units via infrared you have to place them eye to eye. The Nokia 7110 hereby lies with its antenna facing the Palm's upper edge. You should not place the units too close together as the infrared range is about 1 meter (3 ft).


The transfer of single addresses works without any trouble. Even the type of the phone numbers are recognized and exchanged correctly between Palm and 7110. Also email addresses are exchanged correctly. Available notes are also supported but the length within the 7110 is limited and will be cut if too long. Beginning with firmware v4.77 mail addresses are also exchanged.


The transfer of single dates works without any trouble. Even repeating entries and active alarms are correctly exchanged.

Other applications

The transfer of data from other applications doesn't work. Where should the 7110 store the data anyway?

Configuring the Palm

To enable the Palm to communicate with the 7110 it has to be configured first.

Prefs Connection

Palm Connection We start in Prefs and submenu Connection, click on New and create the configuration Nokia 7110
Palm Connection New Now you enter the values shown in the left graphics into the appearing menu and click on Details.
Palm Connection Details Into the appearing menue the values shown on the left hand have to be entered for maximum performance. The first init string activates V.110 and thus enables a faster connection establishment. The second one enables data transmission with 14.4 KBps and thus faster transfers.

Prefs Network

Palm Network After the Connection has been configured we continue with configuring the Network preferences by opening Network in the Prefs menu. By clicking on a service we would never ever use we get a menu where we can change this service according to our needs. Under service we should enter the name of our ISP (Internet Service Provider). I bet you know your username and password?! In Connection we select the just defined Nokia 7110 and the field phone has to be filled with the phone number of your ISP. It might be the easiest thing to simply copy these settings from you normal browser or TCP/IP stack. If you're in doubt ask your ISP.
Palm Network Details In Details the shown values are entered. The submenu Script is only filled with End: on my system. In case of complicated authentification procedures you should copy these from you normal browser or TCP/IP stack. This procedure should read like this:

Wait for Prompt
Send ID
Wait for Prompt
Send PW


Cellular phone and Palm have to be placed with the IrDA ports facing each other within a range of 1 meter (3 ft) distance to establish a connection by ...

PALM : Prefs > Network > Connect

In case of problems (phone doesn't dial, connection can not be established in spite of dialing) the prefs in the Palm should be checked.

If it works we happily end the connection as a pure data connection is pretty boring without programs using it. These programs have already been mentioned above. Usually they build up the connection on their own and one just has to configure the service to be used.

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