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Controlling a Heat Pump by eBUS

title Controlling a Heat Pump by eBUS


We have an older Vaillant heat pump, for which the manufacturer does not offer the possibility to query its values or even change its values from the home network. However, it offers an eBus interface.


Connection of the eBus coupler to the eBus of the heat pumpTo get the data from the heat pump in the network I purchased an >esera eBus Koppler Ethernet. This DIN rail module is supplied with 24V DC. I connected the eBus with a 2-pole cable to the heat pump. The circuit board is located behind the upper front cover.


Since I use a Synology NAS, I installed Docker from the Package Center. After opening Docker I searched in the Registry for ebusd and downloaded and installed john30/ebusd. Then one has to switch to Image and double click john30/ebusd to create a new container. In the window which opens, one has to click on Advanced Settings and there on the tab Environment. As command one has to enter:

-f --scanconfig -d tcp: --mqtthost\= --mqttport\=1883

The backslash gets around an obvious bug in the handling of the startup command when using the Docker image. I don't know how to change this after initial setup. If one wants to do this, one has to delete the container and recreate it. If one clicks on john30/ebusd under Container and then on Details one can see the incoming data in the Terminal.
Configuration of the eBus coupler under Windows Double click on the image to create new container When creating the container, click Advanced Settings Configure the network to use the same network as the Docker host Enter the start command under Environment In the terminal the data appears


Currently, the data is sent to the MQTT Broker and can be read there. In a next step, this data can be read and visualized from there.

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