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Palm Treo 650

PalmOne Treo 650

This smartphone integrates a complete PalmOS pda with a quadband GSM cellular phone. Now one can access all contacts and appointments with one device and placing calls at the same time. After having had quite some Palms I was now able to drop my formerly needed separate cellular phone. To be specific I replaced my Palm Tungsten T3 and my >SonyEricsson T610. The size of the >Palm Treo 650 is about in the middle of both formerly used devices.




Jabra BT620s

I also bougth a pair of Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headphones with A2DP and can now listen to music wirelessly.

As the Treo 650 does not support A2DP by default I use Softick Audio Gateway. To play mp3's every software may be used. PocketTunes is very comfortable as it also supports AVRCP enabling the user to control the program with the headphone's control keys.

Besides listening to music one can also place calls with the BT620s. When someone calls the music stops automatically and one can talk into the nearly invisible microphone.

Panasonic BN-SDCF1E

For the Treo 650 and its predecessors I bought a 2 GB SD-CARD. As my digital camera Canon Digital Rebel XT has a CF-CARD slot and I didn't want to have numerous memory card systems I bought a SD -> CF adapter Panasonic BN-SDCF1E. Sounds banal but there are not many adapters which are small enough to fit into the camera. Now I can exchange the SD-CARDs between camera and Treo 650 e.g. while on vacation.

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